Graceland/Fairlawn Funeral Home


Graceland Cemetery & Graceland’s beautifully landscaped grounds have their origins in 1919. The cemetery was set up when a group of Decatur and Niantic men acquired 54 acres of land on the northwest edge of Decatur for the purpose of establishing a modern perpetual care fund cemetery. Development work started by clearing the land of old buildings and fences, building roads, and adding a new fence around the tract. New drives were laid out and extensive landscaping undertaken. The landscape policy called for extensive use of evergreens. This helps keep the grounds attractive in summer and green in winter. During winter, when everything is covered with snow, it is a sight that could best be described as fairyland-like. Over the years, we have added features to our facility that further enhances the picture-perfect beauty of Graceland.

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2091 N Oakland Ave
Decatur, Illinois 62526
United States

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